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About SOA and the only right way to architect web-solutions

  Once upon a time shortly after 1998 (which is the birth year of XML) the true born King of the Web 2.0 was established and everybody seemed to like her. The talk is about the XML based SOAP Protocol … Continue reading

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Addressing the differences – Workflow Durability Services

  The .NET 3.5 Framework introduces a new Workflow Durability Service along with the already existing durability (persistence) service. This started confusing people and even looking into the SDK Documentation for detailed information will not bring up too much satisfaction … Continue reading

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Gaining control over WcfSvcHost.exe

  As soon you switch to the new Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Framework and start coding WCF you will notice some nice new tools which will perhaps greatly simplify you development efforts. In the previous VS 2005 … Continue reading

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