Chapter 8 – Document ID Service Issues

Following the book’s plan (Sahil Malik; Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010) finally I have arrived to topics discussing enterprise content/document management (ECM). So the first challenging exercise here could be activating the Document ID Service. This seems to be harmless and easy, however even following the author’s recommendations precisely you could face with dead and not working Document ID service. What’s wrong here? I have just activated the Service, uploaded a few documents but couldn’t find any such ID assigned to my documents. If you have similar problems here are few things you could try:

  1. First of all just activate the service like described in the book. Alternatively you could do the same using SharePoint 2010 Management Shell via:
    Enable-SPFeature -id docid -url http://[servername/your site collection]
  2. Next start Central Administration and under “Monitoring/Timer Jobs/Review Job Definitions” look for the “Document ID enable/disable job” (Picture 1) and pick-up the correct one (here I have two Web-Applications meaning two SPWebApplication instances)

    Picture 1

  3. As you could see, by default these jobs are scheduled to run daily. So I assume if you quit for today and wait patiently the issue will be resolved tomorrow by auto-magic. Otherwise selecting the right “enable/disable job” and clicking on “Run Now” button that job will run immediately and the service becomes enabled.
  4. Furthermore select the right “assignment job” and force it to run immediately as well clicking on the “Run Now” button.
  5. Dwelling on a test & development machine an additional iisreset is another good idea at circumstances of light impatience and in awaiting Document ID Service enlightenment Smile.
  6. Next go to your document library and click the Library tab on the ribbon and proceed with “Modify View” (Picture 2)

    Picture 2

  7. In the list of available Columns the “Document ID (linked to document)” should now appear. Let’s take it (Picture 3) and finish clicking on the OK button.

    Picture 3

  8. You could still wonder as the already existing documents will do have the Document ID column displayed, however without any ID yet assigned. At this point you could try to upload a fresh new document and voila, at once all document IDs will be generated and assigned. That’s the magic (Picture 4). Unfortunately there is no guarantee my steps will work on your environment the same way – but you could try.


Picture 4

Further problem was related to the Word Viewing Service. It is assumed your SharePoint 2010 development server was set up according to the author’s instructions and Microsoft Office Webb Apps are installed. This piece of software allows you to open an office document within the browser, so Word even installed will not take over the document’s instantiation. Unfortunately while trying to open such Word document uploaded into the SharePoint 2010 document library, I have got an error. The error’s exact wording cannot remember any more, but the resolution. Using SharePoint 2010 Management Shell you need to run these scripts to enable Office Web Apps on a Domain Controller (which is definitely the development server):

$e = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.TypeName.Equals("Word Viewing Service Application")} 
$e.WordServerIsSandboxed = $false 


Here the link which helped me resolve this issue:

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