Cannot publish Visio Web Drawing to SharePoint 2010?


Sometimes it is somewhat hard to proceed smoothly with the SharePoint stuff. I do not know what the true causes of incompletely provided instructions are. Haste perhaps? Here the next struggle with Visio Services from Chapter 11 (Sahil Malik; Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010). On page 317 you are asked to publish your Visio drawing directly into SharePoint. The absolutely simply task is “…in the backstage view of Visio 2010 , click on Save & Send\Save to SharePoint\Save  Web Drawing (Data refreshable drawing for use with Visio Services on SharePoint). Choose to save it at http://sp2010/Visio Diagrams.”

So the instruction looks well, the only problem is, that while clicking on the “Save As” button (Picture 1), there is no way to browse any http-locations except file-system locations (Picture 2). And the puzzling starts, meaning whether the author is asking me to do something by mistake or so? Even the button’s Icon reflects file-system locations.

Later on I learn, that Visio’s recently discussed Windows went through modifications from Beta to RTM Visio 2010 – Changes from Beta to RTM (Picture 1a). This means the Author could have reflected some “mid-beta” view whereas both the button’s icon and Text makes clear what the true attempt is. This is nice to see, however still no solution for my problem.


Picture 1 (RTM Visio 2010 view)

Picture 1a (Beta stage Visio 2010 view)


Picture 2

Later somehow by a chance I have figured the right answer. Just simply copy the site URL to the File name Text Box in the Save As window. It would be able to save the drawing to the SharePoint site location (Picture 3). Wow! Thereafter in subsequent attempts to save data to that location the Save As Dialog Windows’s view changes completely (Picture 4) in order to reflect the well known http-location. That is. Have a good night anyway Smile


Picture 3


Picture 4

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