Lifting more security restrictions

I believe this days’ software development became more like a hiking adventure in search of hidden paths and passageways. An average software developer could spend significant amount of time troubleshooting rather frustrating issues, due to

  • Not documented although assumed information (meaning you should know that!)
  • Not documented because somehow the authorities have forgotten to do so
  • Incomplete, wrong or misleading information

If you feel uncomfortable by the everywhere spread marketing material claiming ease of use and simplicity of this days products, it is not your fault while experiencing the exact contrary. The complexity just raises, the number of layers depending on each other is growing. The legends suggesting walks in heavens could turn out to be rather climbing on mountain walls.

As you have seen, my articles deal mostly with such gaps and burdens, and whenever one riddle is solved almost immediately a new one pops up, like here in Chapter 11. The author Sahil Malik expects the Dashboard Designer will launch (Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010) once selecting any PerformancePoint Content Library and you click New Item on the Items tab of the ribbon (Picture 1) and then select one of the items listed. Unfortunately it does NOT.


  Picture 1

This time the information is expected by default to be well known (meaning you should know that!). If you don’t feel so, here the link on msdn which teaches you why this issue is happening. So in this regard there is nothing new I could tell you, but my attempt is rather to follow up and document potential problems concerning the book’s chapters.

It is essential to understand, that each time you are going to add a new Item to the PerformancePoint Content Library a new instance of the Dashboard Designer is launched at the Client via ClickOnce Deployment. Therefore the remedy is enabling ClickOnce popups from SharePoint 2010 living hopefully within your trusted Zone. This means in other terms enabling ‘Automatic prompting for file downloads’ in IE. This could be done under Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Trusted sites >> Custom level (Picture 2). It is disabled by default. Confirming this change with OK, the Dashboard Designer launch will run like expected (Picture 3) just go back and repeat the steps within PerformancePoint Content Library. Another question could be, while it is, that on trusted sites default security policies prevent such download prompts?


Picture 2


Picture 3

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