FBA 2010 Utility Update

Saumil asked me whether in my previously posted FBA Utility for SharePoint 2010 the fixed page size (by default set to 5) could be made customizable. The answer is, yes, here it goes. Check out, the last menu’s Title has been changed to “Control Settings” (Picture 1). Clicking on that menu you will be able to switch caching on or off (like in previous version) and additionally alter the number of displayed users. The input (Picture 2) accepts a number between five and one hundred twenty. Why 120?  OK, this seems to be some truly arbitrary value, however I do not believe, you will feel comfortable managing as much as 120 users per page or more.


Picture 1 (The altered menu Control Settings)


Picture 2 (here you can set the page size from 5 to 120)


Picture 3 (Range validation in action)

Please note! You have to retract (uninstall) the previously deployed version and here you can download the new version. The V1.10 Package contains the old wsp as well.



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13 Responses to FBA 2010 Utility Update

  1. Saumil Mehta says:

    Amazing work! Thanks a ton Stefan!

  2. Chintan Patel says:


    Thank you so much for this great free tool. I am currently testing this in Sharepoint 2007 farm and most likely will deploy it in production. I have two favors to ask?

    1. Can you add these changes to sharePoint 2007 wsp?
    2. Reset password – I would really like to be able to reset the password from within your tool. Is there any way to make this work?



  3. Chintan Patel says:


    Thank you for this great tool. Couple question for you:

    1. Will this work with Sharepoint 2007?
    2. Any way to make reset password work from this tool? I would like to be able to reset the password from this tool? Any ideas?



    • Stefan R. says:

      Hi Hintan, this solution is for SharePoint 2010 only. The MOSS 2007 version is still available on codeplex as originally posted. See please at: http://fba.codeplex.com/

      Secondly, regarding password reset: I’m not sure what you mean. The password reset button should do the job. It will reset the user’s password (using MembershipUser.ResetPassword Method) and will send that new, randomly generated passord via e-mail to the end-user. The administrator should not see the newly generated password, hencefore it is concealed and revealed for the end-user only.

      • Chintan says:

        Thank you for your respone. Just to confirm, I would need STMP setup for email to work. Is that correct? Also is there any way to add the new feature (list more than 5 users at a time) to sharepoint 2007 version?


    • Stefan R. says:

      Sending the password after password-reset works via SPUtility.SendEmail(…). This class (SPUtility) automatically uses the default SMTP configuration settings of the SharePoint. I hope this helps.

  4. Bram says:


    Thanks for this tool! But i’m running into some problems. My scenario is that i have an 2nd application where i installed the tool. This one has FBA + Windows authentication (AD). Now i can add users to the FBA with your tool, but i can not delete them or reset their passwords.

    System.Web.Security.MembershipPasswordException: The password-answer supplied is wrong.

    That is one of the error i get looking at the ULS viewer. Can you point me into a good direction where i need to solve this error?

    • Bram says:

      Ok that seems to work now with disabling the Question and Answer in the web.config file. But the Delete button is also not working, when i hit the button nothing happens, no refresh no nothing. ULS doesnt give me any clue here.

      • Stefan R. says:

        Hi Bram, don’t have any clue why delete wouldn’t work. I have just tested this function, and after confirming Delete, the user disappears from the list as expected and is deleted from the DB. Perhaps you could check whether the user/account which runs the FBA-Site has the permission on the DB-Level to delete/alter records…?

  5. Saumil Mehta says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Just an update after using your addon on my New SP2010.
    The app works wonderfully without any errors.

    I require your guidance on the following:

    How to sync User Profiles from aspnetdb (fba users)? Actually, we do not have AD so we need to create and synch the User Profile of Sharepoint with aspnetdb.

    Thanks again for all your help.


    • Stefan R. says:

      I’m sorry Saumil, this question goes beyond the scopes of FBA and has rather a generic nature. I mean, this question could be formulated for any custom claims based providers and ask, how to sync them… you see?

  6. Is there a way to manage users in Active Directory just like your app?

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