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The end of an exciting era

Dear reader, due to the reason I’m still getting mails and questions I believe it is appropriate to announce, that this blog has been already retired for years. After 11 years being with Microsoft as a professional premier support engineer, … Continue reading

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FBA 2010 Utility Update

Saumil asked me whether in my previously posted FBA Utility for SharePoint 2010 the fixed page size (by default set to 5) could be made customizable. The answer is, yes, here it goes. Check out, the last menu’s Title has … Continue reading

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SharePoint Performance Tuning and Profiling

Introduction There is a plenty of articles concerning this topic, so this article is not going to create another compilation of previously published approaches and methods, even at the end of this article you will find a list of some … Continue reading

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FBA Utility Source Code

I have promised to publish the complete solution with a few comments. First of all please note that upgrading the original Visual Studio 2008 solution (which was published on codeplex) to VS2010 will work, however note the obsolete project structure … Continue reading

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Forms Based Authentication Utility for SharePoint 2010

A few people asked me whether there is a way to upgrade and adapt the well known utility published at to recent SharePoint 2010. I did that task and here I’m publishing it as an example. The download is … Continue reading

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Solution package containing the InfoPath 2010 repro

Introduction In my last post I have been complaining about an InfoPath 2010 error while opening the form within internet explorer whereas it works fine while the very same form is running within InfoPath client application. I have asked questions … Continue reading

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The workbook cannot be opened as it does not contain any visible named items

After finishing Sahil Malik’s excellent SharePoint 2010 book (see series of previous posts) I’m going to consume another one and have decided to proceed with posting trouble resolutions. So my next candidate book is Pro SharePoint 2010 Solution Development (Combining … Continue reading

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